For 60 years, the American Association of Professional Landmen has supported and represented the best interests of America’s landmen before the public, legislators and federal administrations and agencies, to advocate for policies and practices that ensure the continued success of our nation’s energy needs.

With nearly 18,000 members nationwide, AAPL serves as a guiding resource to support landmen as they continue their education in an ever evolving industry, work closely with the public to advance oil and gas interests, and to ensure America’s energy independence.

Expanded Ambassador Toolkit

The AAPL Ambassador Toolkit is an invaluable resource center of unbiased facts and statistics regarding the impact of America’s oil and gas industry on our everyday lives, our communities and our environment. Click to learn more
The Toolkit has been expanded to include:

  • Toolkit Brochure
  • Ambassador Powerpoint Presentation
  • Presenter's Guide
  • 5 Videos (industry facts, hydraulic fracturing, water quality, air quality, and seismic activity)

Independent Contractor Tax Toolkit

AAPL Independent Contractor Toolkit, a comprehensive, one-stop source for important tax law information for independent landmen. Throughout the toolkit you will find tips, videos and articles on how to model your business to comply with tax regulations, how to prepare if you’re facing an audit, and a state-by-state guide on tax and independent contractor laws throughout the U.S.  Click to learn more


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