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With a dedicated, full-time government affairs liaison, AAPL is committed to providing a dedicated advocacy on behalf of landmen and the industry, and to address critical matters and legislative issues that shape public policy at state and federal levels. 

Serving as the voice of the landman, AAPL works continuously to promote the land profession, shape public policy at the state and federal levels and bring attention to the issues landmen care about within the oil and gas industry and the public arena.

During the past two decades, technological advancements in the oil and gas industry have led to an unprecedented increase in drilling activity in the United States. This expansion has led to increased government regulation, building a pressing need for industry representation to have direct experience in the field. 


From AAPL’s Legislative and Regulatory Corner -

July 2014

It’s been a busy summer for landmen across the country, and that’s also been the case for AAPL’s government relations efforts. Since my last update, there have been several developments on the legislative and regulatory front impacting landmen. These include:

Sales Tax Developments in Texas: AAPL secured a major victory in getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax cases against landmen dismissed by Texas Comptroller’s Office this past spring. In June, AAPL received word from the Texas Comptroller’s Office that the cases had been dismissed in April. A team of AAPL staff and members, including President Roger Soape, worked tirelessly for more than 10 months to get these cases dismissed.
However, there are still inconsistencies in the Texas sales tax law related to landmen that must be addressed. AAPL’s Legislative and Regulatory and Tax Committees are currently reviewing the best way forward and we expect to announce our plan of action within the coming months. 

Independent Contractor Bill in Pennsylvania. As you know, AAPL is actively supporting an independent contractor bill in Pennsylvania. However, representative changes made to the Labor Committee have put the independent contractor bill on hold temporarily. We anticipate this issue gaining traction again later in the fall, around September or October. I will share more details as this unfolds.

Lease Form Changes in Louisiana. AAPL has been working closely with the local associations in Louisiana and with the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association regarding proposed lease form changes. AAPL provided comments to the proposed lease changes on July 15, 2014.


Independent Contractor Issues – We Want to Hear From You. As an AAPL member, I invite you to weigh in on the independent contractor topics that are most important to you. What are you interested in hearing about? Do you have any concerns regarding independent contractor issues in your area?
With that in mind, AAPL encourages members to have your affairs in order and be mindful to abide state and federal laws for independent contractors. I hope you found the MSA we sent out in the last issue of Landman2 helpful, and I strongly encourage you to make use of these.

Well Stimulation Techniques Fact Sheet. Finally, AAPL is working on a fact sheet regarding well stimulation techniques (including hydraulic fracturing) to share in your day-to-day work, with oil and gas industry leaders and with members of your community. This fact sheet will be available on later this year. 

As always, we welcome your input as we continue to work on behalf of landmen and we will update you as new developments occur. We meet regularly with local associations to identify the most pressing issues and strive to provide the best possible support to our members and the industry as a whole. So please feel free to reach out to me anytime at:


Holly Carless
American Association of Professional Landmen
Governmental Affairs Liaison 

2014 Legislation Corner Updates:

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