AAPL's Social Media Accounts

We are very excited to leverage the power of social media to create and enhance relationships with and for our Members. AAPL has taken a lead position in creating a world class social media presence, designed to engage our current members as well as to attract new members to our Landman Community. Stay current on our activity, events and updates by following us on any of our new sites. We will be rolling out exciting content that you won't want to miss, including Legislation updates, educational opportunities, membership information and industry event announcements! We are easy to search for; just type in AAPL Landman at each social site or visit our homepage at www.landman.org for direct links.

  • Facebook:  The internet's largest channel for reaching small business owners aligned with specific interests expressed through their Likes and Friends.  Our Facebook page is member centric and posted content is intended to inform land professionals on everything oil & gas.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a great way to send out snippets of information, promotions, or unique tidbits to engage our members. We are dedicated to making our Tweets useful, regular, and fun!
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an online professional networking site that is dedicated to individuals and companies.
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