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Recognized throughout the industry as indicators of competency, proficiency and professionalism, AAPL offers three certifications that  are proven to enhance a member’s credibility in the industry and to increase earning potential for landmen.

Our certifications include:

Certified Professional Landman (CPL) – The highest designation offered in the energy management industry, CPL certification is the standard by which landmen demonstrate their comprehensive competence, proficiency and professionalism in the landman field.

Why becoming a certified Landman matters.

Registered Professional Landman (RPL) – The mid-level designation offered by AAPL, RPL certification distinguishes a landman as knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

Registered Landman (RL) – The initial level of certification, RL certification signifies a fundamental knowledge of the land industry as well as a landman’s commitment to furthering their education.

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