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Through its publications, AAPL educates, informs and connects over 13,000 land professionals. The magazines and reports also enhance the Association’s professional image by providing consistent and pertinent information to the industry.

In addition to subscriptions to Landman, Landman 2, Landman’s Directory and the Annual Report included in your annual membership dues, AAPL offers reference guides and text books to both members and nonmembers at friendly costs. Visit AAPL’s Bookstore to order any of its highly-touted publications.

Full versions of Landman and Landman 2 magazines as well as the article archive are available online to AAPL members. The archive allows members to search for articles printed in past issues by author, title and keywords.

Annual Landman and Landman 2 magazine subscriptions are also available to nonmembers for $100 per year. Please call the AAPL office at 817-847-7700 to inquire about subscribing.

If you or your company is interested in advertising in our publications, visit the advertising page for details regarding deadlines, costs, mechanical specifications and more.

Please continue reading below to learn specifics about each of our valued publications.

Landman Magazine — AAPL's flagship publication

Published bimonthly, Landman has established itself as the key magazine of the oil, gas and minerals land management profession. Each issue addresses primary land issues along with a proper balance of association news and information relating to peripheral areas of concern. Each member receives a hard copy and access to the electronic version through the Members Only section of

Landman 2 Mini-Magazine — Clear, concise communication vehicle

Published bimonthly, this concise publication is produced to communicate information covering the petroleum/mineral land profession to AAPL members including industry highlights, field updates as well as association news and business. Each member receives a hard copy and access to the electronic version through the Members Only section of

Landman's Directory — Important tool for landmen

Available in print and online, the Landman’s Directory has proven to be an excellent tool for landmen as well as other professionals in the energy industry. This expansive resource guide provides immediate access to the Association's membership of more than 13,000 landmen in a clear and organized manner. In addition, the daily updated online directory’s search feature makes finding a landman by name, company and geographical region as easy as clicking a mouse.

AAPL Annual Report

AAPL’s Annual Report is a year-end account of the association’s activity, accomplishments and finances (audit records included). The publication also recounts all-purpose statistics of the energy management industry. The annual reports are available in printed form as well as online.

The Oil and Gas Land Reference Volume

This regularly updated study guide is a must-have tool for field and inhouse/company landmen with any level of experience. The official study guide for AAPL's Certified Professional Landman (CPL) exam, the Oil and Gas Land Review covers: Real Property Law, Contract Law, Conveyancing, Interest Calculations, Oil and Gas Lease, Pooling, JOA, Well Trades, Federal Onshore Leases, Environmental Law, Offshore and OCS, Mineral Landwork, Federal Taxes and Ethics.

The Oil and Gas Land Reference Volume is available for purchase online at the AAPL bookstore or by submitting the order form via e-mail, fax or mail.

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